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Infrared Sauna FAQs

Do I need to bring anything?

Short answer is no! Everything you need is supplied already, including towels and water. You will have access to music, podcasts, a meditation app and the local library app through the sauna phone setup. You are welcome to bring your own towel, water bottle (not metal) or books in with you. If you want to make use of the shower, bring your own toiletries and towel with you.

Can I use my private health care?

Unfortunately Infrared Sauna therapy is not something that is covered by private health funds. If you are booking a combined sauna + osteo appointment, you will still be able to claim the osteopathy portion through your private health fund.

What should I wear?

It is up to you what you wear in the sauna. There are fresh towels placed in the sauna for each appointment, so if you feel like going in the nude, it is sanitary to do so. Otherwise, there are body towels provided, you can wear underwear (be mindful of the metal underwire in bras, it can get hot) or loose fitting lightweight clothing.

What is the unlimited membership?

The unlimited sauna membership means that for $60 per week, you can have as many sauna sessions as you would like, subject to availability. Studies have shown that the more sauna therapy you have, the greater the benefits you receive. You can cancel the membership anytime, there's no lock in contract.

How is the sauna kept clean?

After each appointment, the towels are replaced and the surfaces are wiped down with a natural multipurpose cleaner. The temperatures at which the sauna operates is not conducive for germs and pathogens to survive.

How often can I use the infrared sauna?

The Infrared Sauna at Radiance Osteopathy is a non-toxic, low EMF sauna. Studies have shown that it is highly effective and therapeutic to sauna multiple times a week, up to an hour every day if fit and well.

What are the benefits of using the infrared sauna?

• Pain relief • Reduced inflammation • Increased circulation and decreased fluid retention • Speedier wound healing • Post-workout recovery • Decreased stress and anxiety • Increased immunity • Improved skin elasticity and clears blemishes • Increased detoxification • Weight loss

Who shouldn't use the infrared sauna?

• Pregnant people • People who have low blood pressure • People who are prone to dizziness or fainting • People with non-removable piercings • Children under 16 need to be supervised by a guardian

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